Streamer Registration

Stasis Gaming is offering streamers our Native cryptocurrency token ‘Stasis’ (similar to Bitcoin) to add our overlay and panels on stream to help spread the word about Stasis Gaming. Streamers must meet our minimum criteria of at least 50 followers, register on, have a regular streaming schedule, and stream one of the supported games. If you do not stream one of the supported games and still want to help support Stasis, all you need to do is mention our project to your viewers during your stream.

What we offer is:

  • Minimum 5,000 Stasis per month
  • Minimum, one-time, lump sum of 15,000 Stasis

Lump sum is payable after 30 days of streaming. Streamers must add our overlay and our panels to their stream and, at least stream our supported games.

Games we currently support are:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  • League Of Legends
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Fortnite

We are looking to add more games such as Apex Legends, CS:GO, and DOTA 2, so we will accept users who stream these games also.

Our panel and Overlays are very simple.



You must meet our criteria to be eligible:

  • 50 Followers on your channel
  • Regular stream schedule
  • Stream the supported games
  • Must be over 18, no exceptions
  • Must be able to add our overlays, no exceptions
    • Streaming from consoles means you must be using a capture card or have the ability to add the overlays
  • Registered at

Our platform for earning Stasis cryptocurrency for playing games is over at