Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Rob has been involved in the crypto space since 2012, initially attracted to the mining and hardware setup side of things. It rapidly developed into the desire to understand the tech behind it, and to one day be a part of his own project in the space that has real-world benefits.

Robs career started early in Banking at age 17, moving quickly from counter staff to personal banker. After reaching what he perceived to be a “glass ceiling” at age 20, Rob enrolled in University and graduated 3 years later with a Bachelor of Business – majoring in HR and International Business. After a few years working in a Management and HR role for a local New Zealand company, Rob moved to London where he worked for a fintech start up for a further 2 years, before turning his focus to the world of blockchain full time.

Rob’s interest in blockchain is second only to his avid attention to gaming. Starting off early with Zelda, Sonic and destroying friends in Tekken, he moved onto Diablo, A.o.E and Warcraft, before settling on DOTA, HON and more recently LOL as his chosen battlegrounds. Rob is a formidable foe and is looking forward to challenging competitors on the Stasis platform himself.