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What is Stasis Gaming?

Stasis Gaming is the world’s first true blockchain based, cross-game rewards system.
Our Rewards Platform is used to reward gamers based on their time spent in-game
as well as their performance and achievements in supported games.
Stasis Gaming has developed its own Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) blockchain with masternodes
as the backbone, in order to perpetually fund the rewards platform by its native currency Stasis (SAS).


Stasis Gaming Features

Earn Stasis for your performance in games we support!


Stasis Gaming plans to support the most competitive online games, with a range of genres including MOBA, Battle Royale, and First Person Shooters.


Spawnpoints (Masternodes) are rewarded for providing increased security and privacy to the network.


The marketplace will be stocked with physical and digital items for purchase with Stasis (SAS) earned on the platform. There will be an auction section of the marketplace where gamers can bid on exclusive items.

Earn For Gaming

Turn those gaming hours into real rewards by honing your skills on the best games in the world.

Fast Payments

Stasis (SAS) has less than 1 minute transaction times with minimal fees. The theoretical max transaction volume is over 12,000 TPS.


Scoreboard showing the usernames and rewards earned by the top gamers. Will be searchable so that gamers can see how they stack up against their friends.


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Q4.2017

    Alpha testing Stasis Rewards Platform begins

  • Q4.2018

    Launch of Stasis Blockchain on mainnet

  • Q1.2019

    Rewards Platform closed beta testing begins

  • Q1.2019

    Integrate additional games into the Rewards Platform

  • Q1.2019

    Rewards Platform open beta testing begins

  • Q2.2019

    Stasis Gaming Rewards Platform opens to the public

  • Q3.2019

    Integration of more games into Rewards Platform

  • Q3.2019

    Stasis Marketplace Launches

  • Q1.2020

    Stasis SPV wallet development begins


Stasis (SAS) is a utility coin that can be redeemed for physical and digital goods in our marketplace. It can also be used on the platform to earn more rewards from the games we support

Stasis Gaming will support League of Legends at launch. Top tier games from genres such as Battle Royale and First Person Shooters will be added.

Due to legal requirements, we cannot answer this question.

Stasis Gaming by default will provide gamers with a platform wallet. A Stasis-qt client will be available for OSX, Ubuntu and Windows operating systems.

The marketplace will offer various physical goods as well as digital goods for a range of games the platform supports.

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